Crisis of confidence

Some African countries have already started to cut their health and HIV budgets due to the economic crisis. We must deal with the energy problem on a war footing. And I do not refer to the outward strength of America, a nation that is at peace tonight everywhere in the world, with unmatched economic power and military might.

We have more coal than any nation on Earth. Among nonwhite respondents, 42 percent selected this as one of their top two concerns. Talk to us about blood and sweat and tears. That path would be one of constant conflict between narrow interests ending in chaos and immobility.

Greece was able to continue borrowing because of the lower interest rates for Euro bonds, in combination with strong GDP growth. The wealthier ones who do have some exposure to the rest of the world, however, may face some problems.

I invited to Camp David people from almost every segment of our society-business and labor, teachers and preachers, Governors, mayors, and private citizens.

In contrast to the period before World War II, when the appeal of fascism and communism was spreading through Europe and the United States [1]this project does not show a recent decline in support for the idea of democracy.

Lockheed U-2 spy plane flights over the Soviet Union provided intelligence that the US held the advantage in nuclear capability.


First of all, I got a lot of personal advice. We have the most skilled work force, with innovative genius, and I firmly believe that we have the national will to win this war. This is a mission that can and must unite us all. There are a lot of things that will lead to you not having opportunities to get a good education, to have a good job, or even to start a business.

Summarizing a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development report, the Third World Network notes the impacts the crisis could have around the world, especially on developing countries that are dependent on commodities for import or export: Leaders are bolstering their personal power by rolling back democratic principles.

Our people are losing that faith, not only in government itself but in the ability as citizens to serve as the ultimate rulers and shapers of our democracy. The divide was more pronounced among certain subsets of minorities.

A Nobel laureate in economics, Joseph Stiglitz, writes, It will take 10 years or more to recover the losses incurred in this austerity process. When the blatant injustices of mercantilist imperialism became too embarrassing, a belief system was imposed that mercantilism had been abandoned and true free trade was in place.

Gradually, you've heard more and more about what the Government thinks or what the Government should be doing and less and less about our Nation's hopes, our dreams, and our vision of the future. This is not a controversial perception.

Jimmy Carter speaks about a national “crisis in confidence”

You see every extreme position defended to the last vote, almost to the last breath by one unyielding group or another. Ten days ago I had planned to speak to you again about a very important subject—energy. Competition is central because it separates the sheep from the goats, the men from the boys, the fit from the unfit.

Tax evasion and corruption in Greece The ability to pay its debts depends greatly on the amount of tax the government is able to collect. Twelve hours from now I will speak again in Kansas City, to expand and to explain further our energy program.

Crisis of Confidence

And I realize more than ever that as President I need your help. I'm announcing tonight that for andI will forbid the entry into this country of one drop of foreign oil more than these goals allow.

Though Kennedy and Carter had previously been on good terms, differences over health insurance led to an open break between the two Democratic leaders.

I will continue to travel this country, to hear the people of America. We have the natural resources.

Greek government-debt crisis

Back to top The financial crisis and the developing world For the developing world, the rise in food prices as well as the knock-on effects from the financial instability and uncertainty in industrialized nations are having a compounding effect.

Carter also signed the Motor Carrier Act ofwhich deregulated the trucking industry, and the Staggers Rail Actwhich loosened regulations on railroads. These earlier hopes for Africa, above, may be short lived, unfortunately.

Exactly 3 years ago, on July 15,I accepted the nomination of my party to run for President of the United States.

We are eager to reinforce the values that form the foundation of our country and have long guided its engagement with the world. It is supposed to allocate all resources, whether physical, natural, human or financial with the greatest possible efficiency.

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Jill Lawrence knocks Maryland Governor (and presidential hopeful) Martin O'malley for telling Americans that the nation is enduring "a crisis of confidence." The phrase called to mind Jimmy Carter.

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Debt Crisis Live

The Sputnik crisis was a period of public fear and anxiety in Western nations about the perceived technological gap between the United States and Soviet Union caused by the Soviets' launch of Sputnik 1, the world's first artificial satellite.

The crisis was a key event in the Cold War that triggered the creation of NASA and the Space Race between the. The Greek government-debt crisis (also known as the Greek Depression) was the sovereign debt crisis faced by Greece in the aftermath of the financial crisis of –Widely known in the country as The Crisis (Greek: Η Κρίση), it reached the populace as a series of sudden reforms and austerity measures that led to .

Crisis of confidence
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Jimmy Carter speaks about a national “crisis in confidence” - HISTORY