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And it goes on and on this way: And then, when I took the laptop out of sleep mode, Windows Update occurred. I finally settled on adulterating it with the Greek word 'phanos', meaning 'light' or 'lantern', which is close enough for me to 'candle in the dark' or some similar allusion.

To reiterate here, the sun is constantly adding energy to the earth, which allows the level of entropy to decrease in the earth's ecosystems.


If you use this as your definition of 'evolved' then you are including a design, a designer, and lots of work -- planned intelligent progress, not chaos ordered by self. Indeed, there is no evidence of direction in the fossil record because species must adapt from one habitat to another, even if that means becoming less complex.

Macroevolution -- can be anagenetic speciation, which is the change of one species to another over time, and cladogenesis, which is the splitting of one species into two, as ring species have imperfectly done. Why do I bother to beat this dead horse instead of write about something my readers would actually care about.

Biological evolution works like this: It seems that Chapter 1 divides nicely into three fairly equal pieces, which I am now working with one at a time.

So within a few years, the population would have a little heavier fur than the earlier populations. Also, something I recall from my Philosophy of Religion class taught by a devout Christian: Most of all, one might think that if I am doing this for the benefit of my Arch-Rival in Taking Over the World, then I'm only shooting myself in the foot.

I think that's more than enough of my interjections -- let's move on to Hovind's next paragraph: As you may have noticed, this post is Part 2a of 5. I couldn't do what he was telling me to do, and felt like I was failing, like all the pressure was on me.

Hovind cannot tell us: While Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, and most other people may wonder why anyone would need to explain this most mundane fact, the truth is that the foreskin is not well-understood in U. Hypno not to mention frequent use of small doses of SARMsmy body is close to being recovered.

We also see this in species that share a recent common ancestor, yet have been isolated from one another for thousands of generations. A college professor told me that cities 'evolve' with time. Attempts to 'fix' the child's normal foreskin normally result in severe injury and pain.

I'm feeling so well, I'm able to stay standing at the shelf for hours at a time, working on a project while blessed by Ganesha, Shiva, and Vishnu.

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This may be a shock to some, although my readers may be more familiar with the ancient belief that women suffered from a vague illness called "hysteria", some of whose symptoms are sexual desire and vaginal lubrication. In all seriousness, what he's trying to do is make the definition of biological evolution so vague that it can apply to any sort of change.

I said to him, "I agree. If you haven't read it already, please do. Even so, my doctor was amazed at how thick the skin is and how impervious it is to pain when she blasted the living daylights out of it when freezing the warts.

And, what was missing from all those anatomy books, anyway. This is partly thanks to the notes I took -- which you can see me doing in the center of the frame. The origin of the universe has nothing to do with biological evolution, although there are concepts which use the name 'evolution', such as ' stellar evolution ', which describes how stars change over time.

As evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould phrased it, evolution is not a watchmaker, but a short-order cook. So, what is evolution through natural selection, anyway. All that physicists know is that the galaxies are flying away from one another because space is expanding, and if you turn back the clock Macro-evolution would be defined as changing into a different kind of animal.

The "by ordinary means" bit is also not a part of this law. The particle accelerator experiments help physicists figure out how matter was formed in the Big Bang, although they don't tell us where this energy that turned into matter came about to begin with, or why more matter hasn't been annihilated by antimatter.

A previous satirical blog of mine, Introspection of a Struggling Mad Science Writer, is the actual origin of this blog's title. I really, honestly had no idea it would turn out the way it did. I really, honestly had no idea it would turn out the way it did.

The Mad Science Experience We transform laboratory science into fun, interactive learning experiences for kids from K Our programs are divided into 6 areas of business: After-School Programs, In-Class Workshops, Birthday Parties, Summer and Vacation Camps, Special Events, and Preschool Programs.

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My newest project, Escaping Eden, has released. I attempt to find evidence of the privileged gene and also solve some of the recent drama involving Race and IQ, and don't worry you won't be mad! Aug 06,  · My mind, life, views, body, and abilities, have changed drastically since I was finishing up college and starting my last blog, Mad Science Writer, over four years ago. Mad science writer blogspot login
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